Open Journal Systems(OJS) add editor decision


I was seaching the web trying to figure out how to add a decision at the list available to the editor. Since i couldn't find any solution i had to dive into the code and found out the steps to accomplish it

So to add a new editor decision option follow theseĀ  steps

hint : OJS is the root directory of ojs installation

1) Edit OJS/classes/submission/common/

Add a constant with your new option at the "decision codes" section

2) Edit OJS/pages/SectionEditor/

at function recordDecision() add a case to the switch($decision) to match/catch your new option for recording to db

3) Edit OJS/classes/submission/sectionEditor/

at function &getEditorDecisionOptions append a new array record with key the constant you defined at and value key for your tranlsation(next step)

4) Edit your locale editor.xml(i.e for english OJS/locale/en_US/editor.xml) add a translation for your new option