how to build unison on Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite


I'm using unison every day. When it refused to work when I upgraded to 10.10 I freaked out. I didn't want to install homebrew or MacPorts so I tried to build it myself.

I needed to install oCaml 3.12 from here (never mind it says that >=10.4 are not supported) and Xcode

If you compile with later oCaml you will get Fatal error: Internal error: New archives are not identical when syncing with a server instance compiled with older oCaml (like Ubuntu)

I ran this command because make complained it couldn't find xcodebuild

sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/

I had to apply this patch because it wanted to use the 10.4 sdk, but it is probably not needed as obviously it is only for the GUI version

I also had to change

NameMap : Map.S with type key = Name.t


NameMap : MyMap.S with type key = Name.t

make still wanted to build the gui version even after I changed the UISTYLE=text variable in the Makefile, so I changed

ifeq ($(OSARCH),osx)


ifeq ($(OSARCH),osx)

inside Makefile.OCaml and make finally worked.

Here's a binary if you are lazy. Copy it to /usr/bin