How to disable backspace navigation on ubuntu nautilus, for nautilus-terminal


Most people want to bring the backspace functionality back to nautilus, but I wanted to disable it in the ubuntu version where it has been re-enabled.

This is because I just added the nautilus-terminal extension, and it is downright annoying if it navigates away every time I press backspace. You can always press shift+backspace to erase and not navigate away, but due to muscle-memory one is bound to press backspace on it's own.

Let's cut to the chase though: go to .config/nautilus/accels find ;(gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/ShellActions/GoUpAccel" "BackSpace") uncomment it and change the key to something else. I used (gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/ShellActions/GoUpAccel" "<Primary>BackSpace") and I can now navigate up with ctrl+backspace